The Guide To Google AdWords

Like it or not, in my opinion Google AdWords is one of the best solutions in terms of advertising. It does not matter if you’re a small startup, a medium local business or a corporation with millions in revenues.

The Guide To Google AdWords

The beauty of it – you are the master and have everything in own hands – how much to spend, where to target, who to target. So just in case you’re still wondering about using Google and not sure how to use them, here’s a great guide.

Some may oppose that it’s too complex, too pricey or that the results are not as they have expected or been promised. Agree, can happen. But than this is what probably have happened:

  • no clear KPIs (conversions, sign-ups, etc.);
  • wrong set of keywords;
  • wrong copy;
  • wrong targeting;
  • wrong campaign structure;
  • high CPC bids and low quality of ads.

These are only the few mistakes one can make while setting up a Google AdWords campaign. Even though there are many AdWords guides, also the one from Google AdWords itself, here’s one simple step-by-step guide that can help you.

This interactive one connects to various sources – Google AdWords,,,, and many others to give you the best possible “digest” of how to either create new, manage or improve your existing campaigns.

It’s organized in three logical parts:

  1. AdWords campaign preparation
  2. Setting up an account
  3. Optimizing account

And includes detailed explanation and steps. From research and key concepts for the best keywords selection through setting up campaigns, ad groups and tracking to detailed optimization tips and tricks.

I’m not saying that this AdWords guide is a “holy grail” or a mantra, but it’s definitively a great overview of how to get the most of your Google AdWords advertising. Thanks for this guide.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

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