Kippt Lets You Build An Automated Archive for Links You Like

On Wednesday, the personal link library Kippt rolled out its own syncing services. You can now connect your accounts from Twitter, GitHub, Pocket, and Readability to automatically save the links you like to your Kippt lists with no extra work, and more services are on the way. This kind of integration is just what the service needs to break out into the mainstream.

After you turn on your services at, Kippt can automatically save links from favorited tweets and starred repositories and gists on GitHub. It can automatically clip all articles you save with Pocket or Readability to Kippt’s Read Later section. For paid Pro users, Kippt is rolling out beta access this week to allow local archiving, so Kippt will keep your saved articles in your account, which you can export at any time.

Syncing these services with your account confers a few major advantages. You’re not just saving another copy of links you liked. You’re pulling them in from a bunch of services, and now all your favorite links are searchable in one place. You don’t have to remember where you found a link anymore; you can just go to Kippt.

In addition to the services you can sync to, Kippt is launching new options for sharing out to post-scheduling service Buffer and the new user-supported social network Those join Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pocket, Readability and Instapaper on the list of services you can send to from Kippt.

Because we all have different workflows for keeping track of our digital stuff, this kind of convenience is critical. The tech scene is full of good ideas about how to make our days online incrementally better, but many of them overlap. For a tool to work its way into our lives, it has to work well with what we already have. With the new services, Kippt accomplishes that.

It’s worth noting that Kippt did so proactively, rather than waiting for help from the rising integration service IFTTT. The age of seamless, plug-and-play integration of all our favorite Web services is just beginning. IFTTT’s star is still rising as the hub for every service to talk to each other. Kippt has been waiting patiently to get on IFTTT’s list, but Kippt’s founders decided to build their own solutions in the meantime, so Kippt users can get these benefits today.

via ReadWriteWeb


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