5 Facebook Apps That Are Shaking Up Politics [VIDEO]

We For President

WeForPresident is an online civic engagement platform: Users can learn about and debate key issues, check out candidates and political organizations to join and learn how to register to vote.

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Almost every politician knows he or she needs to be on Facebook these days — but did you know that developers are disrupting politics-as-usual with the power of Facebook’s Open Graph, too?

These five apps, which were on display at a Facebook event during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, are shaking up the political scene via social media.

Other facts about Facebook and politics that were revealed during the event:

There are now more Facebook users in the U.S. than people that voted in the 2008 election
People on Facebook are 57% more likely to persuade a friend or co-worker to vote, according to Pew
There are 110,000 political Facebook Pages in the U.S.…
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